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Submission period

From May 1st until 31st July

The European Space Navigation Competition (ESNC) is the most important competition for people interested in space technologies, who always wanted to create a space startup. For the competition one can submit ideas for applications, devices or technologies using satellite navigation.

The competition winners will not only gain prizes in cash , promotional services, internships in Polish and foreign companies. The most important is a chance to present the idea in front of investors, who are ready to invest hundreds of thousands of Euros in good ideas with market potential.

This year the submission deadline for ESNC ends on the 31st of July 11:59 CEST.

„Galileo Masters is currently one of the best tools to evaluate the business potential of ideas using satellite navigation” – says Krzysztof Kanawka of the Blue Dot Solutions company, the organizers of Galileo Masters in Poland. “We are embedded in a huge number of processes and infrastructure, such as transportation, where the functionality could be augmented with the help of satellite navigation based applications.”

The Polish edition is organized by Blue Dot Solutions.

Submit the idea at: ESNC Poland! Registration application you can find here. Don’t forget to choose Poland as the region!